Drone Photography Services

The Media Straw is a UK wide operation which delivers high quality drone photography services for your next project.

Our pilots are CAA approved, fully insured and have a wealth of flight experience.

Sectors We Serve

- Property and Real Estate.

- Construction and Land.

- Development Site Animation.

- Social Media.

- Website Banner.

- Leisure and Sports.

- Landscape and Nature.

- Advertising and Marketing.

- Events.

- Landmarks and Tourism.

- Television.

- Documentary.

- Film and Cinema.

- Weddings.


Why drone Photography?

The use of drones has developed over recent history and can capture unique shots which a person on the ground wouldn’t even see. Be it an aerial flyover, real estate video or capturing a breathtaking natural landscape a aerial photograph gives youth power to create an inspiring sequence which perfectly compliments shots from the ground.


Why The Media Straw?

With a background in Agency Surveying and property we have experience selling and renting both commercial and residential properties. Knowing how to present a property, capture its features but also deliver projects quickly and in a form which prioritises your marketing strategy. We cover all aspects of the property field including land, development, residential, commercial, construction and inspections. 

Drone video productions can showcase a project to your audience like they have never seen before conveying your message in a unique way, from the sky. Here at The Media Straw we have a carefully thought out fleet of drones which can offer bespoke packages no matter what your requirement. All of our drones film in 4K, have excellent image quality and good flight time.

We don’t just do real estate we have worked on a number of projects including wedding, sports, leisure and website media. 

With the sea of new technology comes some related risks and while many companies operate drones without the appropriate licenses. We have fully qualified in-house drone pilots who have undertaken aerial filming in a range of urban and rural terrains across the UK.



Legal, Safety and Flying Considerations.


Our pilots hold full permissions for Commercial Operations granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured. We have experience flying across the UK and in different Terrain and scenarios.



When we have received an enquiry for a prospective job, one of our drone pilots carries out a thorough pre-deployment survey. The pre-deployment survey consists of a variety of safety checks including other airspace users, terrain and weather. We always ensure that we strictly adhere to the regulations of the CAA and safety is our number one priority.


When our team has arrived on site we carry out an on-site survey which identifies any potential hazards highlighted in the pre-deployment survey are addressed and any other potential hazards are identified. This process ensures that our drones are flown safely and to high standards, even if this means re-scheduling for a different day at no added cost.

During the flight

The Media Straw endeavors to deliver high-quality results we will choose the appropriate drone for the job and ensure that we capture exactly what you need. We are happy for clients to accompany us during the flight, photos and videos are captured live on the ground.

Post Flight

Once we have completed our flight all of our footage and photos will be available within 24 hours after full post-production and editing and captured in High Definition 4K imagery.

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