Aerial Drone Inspections and surveys

The Media Straw is a UK wide operation which delivers high quality drone surveys and inspections services.

Our pilots are CAA approved, fully insured and have a wealth of flight experience.

Why drones for Aerial surveys?


Carrying out work at heigh and in dangerous scenarios is often risky business, as a drone company we pride ourselves on achieving results focus on safety and risk reduction.

Reaches Those Hard To Access Places

Drones can provide a unique view of a roof, bridge or chimney and provide photos and videos of all the areas which would be difficult to see from a cherry picker providing you with maximum coverage.  

High Quality Video and Photo

Our drones provide high-quality 4K video and photos for your next project.


We aim to deliver your requirement as quickly as possible as we know how important your time is


Commercial and Residential Drone Inspections

Are you on the verge of purchasing a new house and need peace of mind that the roof is in good condition? Our aerial surveys provide high-quality imagery and video to highlight any defects both large and small. Properties are expensive investments, ensure you make the most informed choice.

Aerial Surveys with drones are a useful way of identifying existing and potential problems, be it a leaking roof, rainwater goods or chimney stack our company will carry out our work with the highest levels of safety and professionalism. Our CAA permissions allow us to carry out aerial and drone work across the UK and we are covered with all necessary insurances.


Who Are The Media Straw?

We don't just carry out aerial surveys, our team offers bespoke video solutions from the air and on the ground. Our pilots hold full permissions from the CAA and have a wealth of video experience on the ground.

Our background is in surveying and commercial property where we have expertise selling and renting commercial and residential property in the UK. The Media Straw is an aerial and ground media company with pilots who are CAA approved to undertake drone work throughout the United Kingdom. Our recent projects showcase a diverse range of productions across a number of business sectors, should you need some quality media for your social media or a full website media package we pride ourselves on our reputation and delivering value to our clients.

Drone video, images and inspections are useful tools which can be applied to your marketing efforts or carry out inspections with the highest focus on safety and efficiency. Our professional team have access to a fleet of drones which can offer bespoke packages no matter what your requirement. All of our drones film in high definition 4K and have excellent photographing capabilities.


Legal, Safety and Flying Considerations when carrying out aerial inspections and surveys with drones.


Our pilots hold full permissions for Commercial Operations granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured. We have experience flying across the UK and in different Terrain and scenarios.



When we have received an enquiry for a prospective job, one of our drone pilots will carry out a thorough pre-deployment survey. The pre-deployment survey consists of a variety of safety checks including other airspace users, required permissions and weather. We always ensure that we strictly adhere to the regulations of the CAA and safety is our number one priority.


When our team has arrived on site we carry out an on-site survey which identifies any potential on-site hazards which were highlighted in the pre-deployment survey. This process ensures that our drones are flown safely and to high standards, even if this means re-scheduling for a different day at no added cost.

During the flight

The Media Straw endeavours to deliver high-quality results and carry out our flights with the upmost professional conduct. We will select the appropriate drone for the job and ensure that we capture exactly what you need. We are happy for clients to accompany us during the flight, photos and videos are captured live on the ground.

Post Flight

Once we have completed our flight all of our footage and photos will be available within 24 hours after full post-production and editing and captured in High Definition 4K imagery and Video.


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