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The Media Straw is a UK wide operation which delivers high quality aerial video services right to your door.

Our pilots are CAA approved, fully insured and have a wealth of flight experience.

The Media Straw | Your drone Video Company.

The Media Straw is a drone video specialist operating across the UK and Europe.

Drone video productions area unique way of showcasing a project to your audiences and help creating a viral buzz around your brand.

We have worked across industries and deliver content from agriculture to product pieces and property.

The Media Straw produced an excellent drone video of Llangennith which we have used across our Facebook page. We were very happy with the quality of the video and it was great working with the team.

Lee Woodman | Gower Live

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We Deliver Value

We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients through high quality visual experiences which turn heads. If your aim is to generate views on listings, retain visitors on a landing page or enhance your brands social media presence we can do the creative so you don’t have to worry about it.

Your Time is Important

We understand the needs of our clients and the importance of a quick turnaround so that videos can be implemented into marketing strategies at the earliest opportunity.

We Value Our Reputation

Our aim is to provide a service that you can trust and wont think twice about using again. To do that we deliver the best results, every time.

How Can a The Media Straw Drone Video Production Benefit Your Business?

Viewer Engagement and Retention

With some 80% of viewers clicking off a video in the first 20 seconds its essential to grab their attention to ensure they watch to the end. Be it an advert or a promotional video beautifully captured drone shots will help capture a viewers attention and keep them engaged throughout the video.

It’s Not as Expensive as You’d Think.

A drone shoot nowadays does not cost upwards of £5,000 for you basic drone video or branded shoot. We offer a range of bespoke packages which can be tailored to your needs and more importantly your budget!

Safety, Licenses and the CAA.

Rest assured we are CAA approved and fully insured to undertake all kinds of drone work across the UK.

Property and Real Estate | Drone Video

Social Media & Website Banner Videos | Drone Video Productions


Why drone Video?

The use of drones has developed over recent history and can capture unique shots which a person on the ground wouldn’t even see. Be it an aerial flyover, real estate video or capturing a breathtaking natural landscape a drone production gives you the power to create an inspiring sequence which perfectly compliments footage shot on the ground.

Aerial Video or Drone Video?

Aerial Video and Drone Video are fortunately exactly the same, aerial video can be captured by a drone and more often than not it is the most cost effective way of capturing aerial footage.


Landmark & Tourism | Drone Videos

Advertising and Marketing | Drone Videos

Utilising Drone Video in Your Next Marketing Plan, Advertising Strategy or Corporate Video.



Drone Safety: Legal, Safety and Flying Considerations.


Our pilots hold full permissions for Commercial Operations granted by the Civil Aviation Authority and are fully insured. We have experience flying across the UK and in different Terrain and scenarios.


Free Feasibility Report

There are often occasions where we are unable to carry out drone work for example near airports, public bodies and restricted areas. When we receive an enquiry we carry out a free feasibility report on the location which details the permissions required and if we are able to fly in the area.


Once we have confirmed a prospective job, one of our drone pilots will carry out a thorough pre-deployment risk assessment and planning exercise. This exercise ensures that we can carry out the job effectively and safely whilst ensuring we deliver the highest quality drone video for you.


When our team has arrived on site we carry out an on-site survey which identifies any potential hazards highlighted in the pre-deployment survey are addressed and any other potential hazards are identified. This process ensures that our drones are flown safely and to high standards, even if this means re-scheduling for a different day at no added cost.

During the flight

The Media Straw endeavours to deliver high-quality results we will choose the appropriate drone for the job and ensure that we capture exactly what you need. We are happy for clients to accompany us during the flight, photos and videos are captured live on the ground.


Post Flight

Once we have completed our flight all of our footage and photos will be available within 4 working days depending on the kind of work undertaken. Larger edits take longer, it’s the nature of the beast! We aim to get all our photos turned round in no more than 48 hours. All of our drone video and photo is captured in high definition 4K from the latest drones with the best technology behind them.


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