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An aerial view of the new Maescurig Development in Llangurig, Mid Wales.

Situated in the village of Llangurig, Mid Wales the Maescurig Development is a mix of 3 and 4 bedroom properties offering excellent views and conveniently located with excellent transport links. The Media Straw use the latest in drone technology to film the development and use animation to highlight key points and show the site plan in real-time.

Drone video has become an increasingly popular tool for property developers in recent years, as it offers a number of key benefits that can help to enhance your marketing efforts and attract potential buyers. Some of the key benefits of using drone video in property developments include:

Aerial Footage Provides a Unique Perspective

Drone video allows developers to capture stunning aerial footage of the property development, which can help to provide a unique perspective and showcase the property in a more compelling way than traditional ground-based video or photography.

High-Quality Visuals

Drone video technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and high-quality cameras and stabilisation systems now allow for crystal-clear footage with stunning visuals. This can help to make a property development stand out from the competition, and create a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Comprehensive Coverage

With the ability to fly and manoeuvre easily, drones can provide comprehensive coverage of the property development, including hard-to-reach areas that really showcase the land and potential of the development. We use the latest drones and drone technology and have the experience to deliver quality marketing material that works.


The Media Straw offer drone services in the forestry and land management sector including photo, video, surveys and schedules of condition, get in touch for more information.

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