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Property Photography


We offer bespoke property services for the Land, Commercial Property and Residential Property Sectors. Be it External, Internal, Aerial or an AirBnB we have you covered.

The Media Straw is a UK wide operation, so no matter your location, we can cater for you.

Why professional Property photos?

First Impressions Count

You have seconds to communicate the value of your asset. Professionally shot beautiful images speaks for itself.

Your Time is Important

We photograph real estate all day, everyday and have our experience is in selling both residential and commercial assets. Let us work with you to get the best results in the shortest time.

Add Value

Properties with photographs sell faster. Not all property photographs are taken equally. Add saleability to your asset with our high quality images.

We Value Our Reputation

Our aim is to work with you on all future projects. To do that we need to deliver the best results. Rest assured, we will.


Recent Work

Commercial Offices | City Centre, Swansea.

Residential Property | Gower, Swansea.


What is Property Photography?

Property photography is a subset of professional photography which focuses on the interiors, exteriors and the curb appeal of homes, buildings, and architecture. With a background in property surveying, we specialise in real estate photography and have the experience and skills to bring out the hidden beauty of a property. In an era where online marketing is changing the scope of property marketing, it is essential that the visual experience of a property listing is addressed by a vendor or agent. Some 177.5 million people visit Zoopla and Rightmove per month with over 2 million property listings. Professional property photos help a properties face value and increase the number of clicks and enquiries through its listings.

What Benefits Can it Provide?

To some the thought of hiring a professional photographer may seem like an unnecessary expense. Photos captured on a smart phone may cut it for some but they more than often produce a very ordinary feel which wont capture the attention of a prospective buyer. We pride ourselves on our experience in the property field and have delivered various projects for our clients, take look through our gallery to see what we do!

Importantly we understand property marketing and the benefits of high quality property marketing photography and materials to speed up sales and generate more enquiries. These can be digital photography or print photography for brochures, advertising and online marketing.

Wondering Who The Media Straw Are?

With a background in Property Surveying, we have experience selling and renting both commercial and residential properties. Knowing how to present a property, capture its features but also deliver projects quickly and in a form which prioritises your marketing strategy. We cover all aspects of the property field including land, development, residential, commercial, construction and inspections. The Media Straw is a Property Photography Company who have clients across Wales, the UK and Europe. Our primary focus is on adding value to our clients so they can sell more, quicker.

Sectors We Serve





Development Photography

Development Photography




The residential property market is flooded with online property listings, Google is usually peoples first choice when it comes to online searches before even making contact with an estate agent. Great property photographs provide a high-quality visual experience which will increase views and generate more enquiries to your listing before next door’s.

From our experience in the property industry, we know better than most that poor image quality, badly lit and even pixelated do not sell or rent property. This often leads to discounted prices and giving the prospective buyer more of a reason to submit a low-ball offer. Presentation and first impressions in the property world are absolutely critical.

There is a huge amount of effort that goes into selling a property both from the seller and the agent, sellers often invest in bringing their home up to scratch to maximise their return. Professional real estate photography is not just for the higher end of the market it is a cost-effective addition which could save you thousands.


You may think that the commercial market differs drastically from the residential market, a prospects search will nine times from ten start online, however, there is a higher tendency for more commercial agent involvement as there are fewer options available in the market. First impressions still remain at the top of an agents priority however commercial properties do have a tendency to be less aesthetically appealing.

This doesn't mean that professional photos can’t work wonders as they can. Generating enquiries is tougher in the commercial property market as there are fewer purchasers actively looking compared to the volume of buyers in the residential market. Creating a consistent visual experience increases the volume of traffic to listings and the number of leads which they generate. Image quality and capturing the right angles are critical, there are different factors at play such as proximity to condition, transport links, natural light, staff facilities and parking. These are factors that are not always conveyed and bespoke photos can highlight these features.


The property industry sees a variety of new build developments popping up across the UK. These can be residential, commercial or a mix of both. These developments are often built with the purpose of selling the assets upon completion or leasing the units to tenants. This is common in both residential and commercial markets.

Showcasing these developments is critical from not only a branding perspective but also from a saleability stance. Developments are often pre-sold through CGI materials where a background of the developer carrying out the finishing and construction is an ever present factor in swaying whether a prospect will buy into the development or not.

If you are a contractor or agent having a variety of high quality images of previous developments is an important step in gaining buy-in.

Construction & Land.

The construction of a property or facility is often about delivering the highest quality and standards when the work is being carried out it’s easy to only see dust and mess. It is always good practice to carry out regular progress photos to ensure that projects are on track and to keep investors on side.

Capturing the best angles and ensuring that the project is covered in a safe and practical manner. We use our drones for an aerial view of any construction projects to ensure that our clients get the most extensive view of the site and how it interacts with the nearby environment.


We pride ourselves on our experience in the property field and have delivered various projects for our clients, take look through our gallery to see what we do!

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