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Drone Video Services

Drone Video Services

The Media Straw is a UK wide operation which delivers high-quality aerial video services right to your door.

Our pilots are CAA approved, fully insured and have a wealth of flight experience.

Promotional Videos

Showcase your business, generate sales.

Property and Construction

Sales, Development, Surveys & Promotions.


Aerial services for outdoor events and festivals.

Film & Video Contractors

Hire our drone team for your film or video production.

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The Media Straw

Drone Video Services

We are drone video specialists operating across Wales and the UK. Our team have a wealth of flight experience working with a range of clients. Drone video productions are a unique way of showcasing a project to your audiences and help to create a viral buzz around your brand.

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The use of drones has developed over recent history and can capture unique shots which a person on the ground wouldn’t even see. Be it an aerial flyover, real estate video or capturing a breathtaking natural landscape a drone production gives you the power to create an inspiring sequence which perfectly compliments footage shot on the ground.

With some 80% of viewers clicking off a video in the first 20 seconds its essential to grab their attention to ensure they watch to the end. Be it an advert or a promotional video beautifully captured drone shots will help capture a viewers attention and keep them engaged throughout the video.

A drone shoot nowadays does not cost upwards of £5,000 for you basic drone video or branded shoot. We offer a range of bespoke packages which can be tailored to your needs and more importantly your budget!

Rest assured we are CAA approved and fully insured to undertake all kinds of drone work across the UK. Our pilots have a wealth of flight experience in cities, towns, transport ways and rural areas.

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