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GowerLive | A Surf Video From Llangennith.

GowerLive | Drone Video at Llangennith Beach

If you are familiar with the Gower you have more than likely come across Gower Live who have been providing live surf conditions for over 16 years. The platform gives real-time surf forecasts and live webcams of the Mumbles, Swansea Bay, Langland and Llangennith.

Llangennith is one of the most popular surfing destinations in South Wales ranked within the “top 10 UK surf spots” (Guardian). The Media Straw produced a highlight reel of an evening at Llangennith taking in the sunset and the local surfers. The video has been used across Gower Live’s social media channels providing a nice touch to their landing pages.

Why we used Drones for this GowerLive shoot.

As drones have become more available their uses have become more and more diverse. Formerly a tool for the military they are now widely used in sporting events, leisure and recreation.

Their technology will continue to evolve which will develop the unique angles they can capture, kinds of content and the stories being told. Drone Video adds a new element to a video production which makes it more dynamic and feel more engaging.

Using videos for Social Media Engagement

The second-largest search engine after Google is Youtube, known as the “how to” search engine. Social media has followed a similar trend with more and more platforms prioritising video content in their algorithms.

A video on your banner or page can increase engagement and the amount of time someone is spending on it.

Founder Lee Woodman

The Media Straw produced an excellent drone video of Llangennith which we have used across our Facebook page. We were very happy with the quality of the video and it was great working with the team.

How we added value to GowerLive

The value in the video is two-fold not only does it enhance brand image online, but the use of video also attracts people to watch and spend more time on your website or pages. Using video in banners across both websites and some social media platforms the use of an engaging video taking in the key elements of the business.

In this case one of Gower Lives Webcams covers Llangennith from the Worms Head at the Rhossili side of the beach. Our drone video captured a unique evening at Llangennith with some pretty spectacular light taking in the local surf scene and sunset to match.

Check out the video here :

And the Gower Live website here :

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