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Using drones on your wedding day.

Weddings | Drone Photo & Video

So Why Drones and how can they work for Weddings?

Drones can be an excellent addition to a wedding video and can be used in a number of ways. They can capture a unique perspective of the special moments of the day. Drone footage can be spectacular taking in the breathtaking scenery and setting of the wedding.

Is a Drone Video expensive?

Here at The Media Straw, our prices start at £350 which will include a short edited reel of the footage captured on the day and a set of fully edited photos. We know weddings are a special occasion and take extra care in our planning exercises to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day. We pride on making a bespoke package for you so please get in touch for an accurate quote.

What about safety, weather, and permissions?

Our drone pilots hold full CAA approved permissions for commercial operations and have a wealth of experience in a range of flying locations and activities. Each pilot is fully ensured, holds the correct safety equipment and will undertake extensive pre-planning and risk assessments both before the flight and on the day.

Before flying we will require full permission from the landowner or venue, we know planning is key to any wedding and we take all the necessary planning procedures to ensure a safe and quality result.

You probably already know this but Drones don’t play ball in the rain or when the wind is blowing a gale we will notify you a minimum of 48 hours before your day whether we can fly.